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The WHY of Coaching

Coaching is about achieving...with a twist: not just achieving, but getting the results that matter the most to you.

What can coaching bring into your life:

  • Access to the coaching space: a safe transitional space, full of possibilities , where you cannot dissapoint

  • Clarity on who you are, what you want, why you want it, and on the actions you need to undertake to reach meaningful achievements in your own terms

  • New perspectives, thinking outside (your) box, new paths, new ideas, new approaches 

  • Usage of enhancers and ruling out blockers

  • Ownership on your future, getting away from the default one

  • Accountability to your plans and commitments

  • Easiness and flow in how you approach and execute the plan that  gets where you want to be

  • You get to live at your best

Is coaching RIGHT FOR YOU?

Many times people asked me what makes a person get into a coaching process. Here are some reasons gathered from hundreds of coaching sessions.​

As a boss, you do a good job and you wonder how to do it even better 

  • Learn what it takes to be a great leader who inspires, serves and gets results with kindness

  • Unlock the strengths that can bring you there and remove the blockages 


You were promoted and you want to make the best of this new position

  • Learn how you can step into this new position with grace and ease

  • Create your support system and identify the means to thrive in your new role 

You are there for everyone in your life, except for you

  • Learn how to say no with candor and ease

  • Learn how to put yourself first without being selfish

  • Remember: every no you say to others is a yes you say to yourself

You feel overwhelmed and tired of juggling with all the balls in your life

  • Learn about what are the rewards you get from living such a life

  • Learn what a good life means to you

  • Observe: how does your life look like from the outside

Your life looks really good on paper, yet you don't feel fulfilled

  • Get clarity on what you stand for and where you are now

  • Observe: how much do you plan for work and how much do you plan for fun

As a boss, it's hard to find the balance between care and challenge 

  • Learn how to create the systems that allow you to objectively assess a situation and act from there

  • Observe: When do you face the same challenge? 

You know you need a change in your life, but you don't have any idea what kind of change

  • Learn what you really want and how to get there

  • Understand what keeps you here and what can move you forward


My intense and long business experience as well as my education are the foundation for my coaching practice. As a life-long learner, I continuously enrich a pluri-disciplinary approach, emerged from a large spectrum of frameworks and instruments: emotional agility, neuroscience, positive psychology, leadership and learning styles, systemic and transformational coaching, NLP, dialogue, and inquiry,  not to mention my life experience. :)

What I provide to my clients:

  • Unconditional positive regard 

  • Full presence & deep listening 

  • Structure & frameworks

  • Concepts & tools

  • Knowledge & experience

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