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I am Andreea, and
I would love to know more about you

My Story With Coaching

I have been flirting with Coaching for more than ten years. It took me a while to fully fall for Coaching and it happened only after I saw the good It can bring not only into my life, but especially in the lives of the leaders I work with. I can now proudly say the I fully trust Coaching, thus I am a Coach. 

I experienced Coaching on most of  its facets and I immersed myself in practicing it with different kind of clients: men and women, business owners and experts, managers and executives, board members and freelancers, teams and individuals. I gathered more than 2500 hours of coaching hours, most of them in the last 2 years. 

Through Coaching I create spaces where my clients can think, feel and talk about the possibilities in their lives.  The coaching space is the most fearless space I've experimented, as it is a transitional one, where the Client is seen, listened to not only for everything that she is, but also for everything that she can be. 

Coaching helped me (re)discover how powerful humans are and yet how hard it is to show up with their whole selves in all areas of their life. This is why I focus on working with leaders on their quest to live, lead and thrive authentically.

I am calling time for ​Leaders to continue fitting in and doing things only “as expected”.  I truly believe that through connection with themselves on a deeper level, Leaders can and will transform their worlds and by doing so the world itself. 

An important contribution to my coaching is my business and learning background, not to mention my life experience :).

Professional Experience: the perfect seed for a coaching practice

For more than fifteen years, I’ve been a business professional in different fields and various companies – tried them all: from product management to all sizes of marketing programs, from operations to IT, from sales to finance, and finally entrepreneurship:

  • 2005: Marketing Program Manager Telekom Romania

  • 2008: Operations Manager Xerox Romania

  • 2008: Sales & Marketing Director Kaspersky Lab Romania

  • 2010: Founder & Managing Partner Insight@360

  • 2014: Chief Operating Officer 2 Performant

  • 2018: Team Coach & Expert Entrepreneurship Academy 

  • Starting 2016: Coach, Mentor & Facilitator

Education & continuous learning

Being a lifelong learner, all these years, I also followed a path in formal education:

  • ICF Professional Certified Coach: I practice coaching under the supervision of one of the most well-known international bodies

  • Certified Specialist Psychology of Financial Planning

  • Certified Leadership Consultant: science-based instruments are the back-bone of my practice

  • Neuroscience Academy Certification: the latest discoveries in neuroscience and being part of a scientific community are of most importance in offering my clients the experience they deserve and a multi-disciplinary approach they can benefit.

  • Cybernetics: love for math and critical thinking are a good foundation for my coaching practice

  • Executive MBA Central European University: the powerful knowledge and experience of an MBA offer me an effective understanding of my clients' challenges.

  • Systemic & Transformational Coaching: extensive coaching instruments and approaches enrich my coaching practice, as I have at hand diverse tools and frameworks for my clients.

A few (more) words about myself
  • All my life I was a seeker. I am still am, and I probably ever will.

  • I love reading and books. I still remember the nineties when the bookstores started to sell good books, I used to spend all my money on them. Since then, my library has grown and now it counts more than 5000 titles. 

  • I am the happy mother of a wonderful teenager, Amelia who brings not only pure joy, but a lot of wisdom in my life.

  • I am fascinated by how different "a good life" looks to different people and cultures

  • I live in Luxembourg now, after a lifetime spent in Romania 

  • I travel to connect with the beauty in people and places

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