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Self-Leadership Program

What is Self-Leadership?


  • Who you are and who you can become

  • What you want and why you want it



  • Beliefs

  • Emotions

  • Behaviours



  • Goals that matter the most to you


  • To know better next time

The 4 pillars of Self-Leadership


  • A high degree of self-knowledge help you recognise how your feelings affect you, other people, and your performance.

  • Critical trait for a leader

  • Prerequisite for authenticity



  • “The curious paradox is that when I accept myself, just as I am, then I can change.”  (Carl Rogers)

  • Clarity and compassion as the wings of self-acceptance



  • The power of choice and conscious decision making

  • Essential steps towards your own goals


  • Embrace a mindset that brings peace, hope and motivation

The Promise(s)

Eight Sessions (Individual or Group)

Two sessions for each of the four pillars  · 2 hours long 

  • Frameworks and tools to build a sustainable system for leading your life from a place of ease and flow

  • Coaching space

  • Drive & motivation 


Playbook for the whole program

An electronic document to support you during the program with a diverse set of tools, concepts, daily exercises.

  • Stay on track, motivated and open to acknowledge, accept and grow

  • Play, reflect and learn

  • Read, write and act

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